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Victory Assured: The 7 Most Fun Overwatch Characters To Play

With a cast of characters as beautifully diverse as Blizzard’s Overwatch, there’s a flavor of hero and play style to suit anyone. Every serious player has their quiver of top options, but then there’s the cats they play for grins. The heroes that are fun as hell, even if you can’t manage a single blasted elimination with any of them. These are the heroes built for chuckles, rather than sport. The characters we pick when we’re looking to get sloppy and have a laugh. These are the 7 most fun Overwatch heroes to play.



Junkrat is so fun, he’s even having fun. A mindless spammer who has been overpowered to the point of preposterousness, he’s a blast and a half, pardon the punnage. Being able to mortar his obnoxious bouncy balls all around the map is a hoot, and shooting around corners has never been so much fun. Even if you don’t hit anything, you can control the flow of traffic.

Even more fun is the ability to play Junk surreptitiously. You can sneak around the map, laying traps near healthpacks and placing concussion mines like the cackling madman you are.

For the horrific finale, Junkrat also has way too much map mobility, able to blast into the stratosphere with his mines. Then raining down indiscriminate justice. The only thing more satisfying than playing Junkrat, is one-shotting Junkrat like he’s standing still.



There’s a strong bone of contention out there about whether Winnie counts fun, since he’s often frozen up and slapped down. He’s complex, to be sure, requiring a steady stick and quick action on the mouse to move about effectively. Once you’ve mastered his ways, Winston becomes a lot of fun to drop in like a gorilla atom bomb. Then he throws lightning like a menace, necessitating all the skill of a blind dachshund on a three-day Ayahuasca bender. What’s hard is learning to trip the light fantastic doing a barrier dance before hopping out of harm’s way, leaving havoc in your wake.

Winston’s also tough in that the wrong team composition makes him boring. He can get cut to ribbons, which makes his strike and fade maneuvers less cute than Reaper.



A sneaky weasel that works best hiding in the shadows, blasting away with great fury, then ghosting away like a yellow-bellied sum’bitch. There’s about as much strategy to playing Reaper as there is to holding down your trigger with Tactical Visor activated. You stay out of the main fight until you’ve picked off a weak little lamb that you blow into a million pieces before you throw your guns away, for some reason. If the other team has a Reaper, and you don’t see it, he’s behind you.

The trick with Reaper is not to get overextended. He likes to blow hard, but like all cowards, he needs to dump his problems off on the team. Like the Protoss Reavers, he needs to get in, make like a murder machine, then Blossom for a sure-fire POTG (Play Of The Game).



When you no longer have any eff’s to give, and want to set up a turret, then let it do the heavy lifting, it’s time for Torb. The sheer passive-aggressive genius of Torbjörn is worse than even Widowmaker. At least Widow has to have direct line of sight. Junkrat has to fire blind. Only Torb’s Turret can let you sit in complete comfort and safety, while a dedicated machine auto-aims for you. For all his talk of hard work, you can get gold eliminations without ever swapping off the hammer. Lazy, but so much fun.



Healers are, in general, not very much fun to play. Lucio can be a laugh if you really like wall hopping, or jumping all around a payload to annoy the other team, and he’s great fun on maps where shoving people off the board is an option. But Moira is genuinely fun to play. The androgynous Bowie vampire/witch hybrid that is the charming Moira has some of the most purely enjoyable skills and abilities on the board.

First, you get credit for playing a healer. And, Moira is a very effective healer. While the likes of Tycho from Penny Arcade says he ‘find[s] supports like Zenyatta, Lucio, or Mercy too stressful to play enjoyably,’ we’ve always found the balance of your battle healers, like Zen, to be quite enjoyable. Moira’s balls and healing spray are both excellent for burst and distance healing.

Then there’s the parasitic nature of Moira that is everything fun about Symmetra, only amped up. You have balls of healing or harming that have quite literally changed the entire battlefield bounding too and fro. You can slide a dark orb into a tunnel and watch it eat away at everyone, or revitalize your whole team without ever needing to look at them.

Lastly, the Nightcrawler teleport feels as sexy as it looks, and makes getting out of, or into trouble a minor miracle.



No, you won’t be able to use him effectively, because there’s no making that hop-jockey worth a damn. But it’s really fun to land a charged fist or uppercut a Diva right into the Ilios well. ‘This is Sparta,’ indeed. Then again, you’re as likely to miss a leap and go tumbling off into nothing. Poor, drunk Doomfist.

With enough time and mastery of Doomfist’s rhythms, it’s possible to be a destructive force capable of cutting a team down by a player or two in a matter of seconds. He can also bat around threats, keeping flankers like Genji and Tracer a little off balance. Recognize that DF is basically a first-person Street Fighter and you’ll get the hang of his frenetic movements.



No one likes being on the receiving end of a sudden Bastion barrage. Finding that perfect position, and the right timing to mow your way to a team kill is an artistry all its own. Even a trashy player can dig in and point the lead storm at the nearest glowing shield. Forget being the hammer or the nail. Be the buzzsaw.

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