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Marijuana Starter Kit: What You Need To Smoke Cannabis

More people are rolling it up, lighting it up than ever before. More smokers are sparking up each day, and not all of them are doing it right. Cannabis culture is a deep one, and even walking into a marijuana dispensary can be intimidating.

We’re going to help demystify marijuana for anyone who is beginning their cannabis adventures. The goal is to tell you what you need to have on hand to help make your smoking experience a pleasant one.


Though it seems simple, what lighter you choose is important for how you smoke. New smokers will only need a standard Bic. We suggest getting a 5-pack. Lighter misplacement while partaking is common, and having several available – in bright colors – will reduce time spent looking through couch cushions.

Bic is good because it’s a reliable name that produces consistent quality at a low price. Choose anything else at your own risk.

If a joint is all you intend to smoke, then a lighter and the joint itself will send you merrily on your way. If you’ve never smoked in your life, this is the best way to start. A cheap pre-rolled and a lighter run about $15 and are the path most smokers walked.


If you want to step up from the standard joint, then you need a slightly more complex apparatus. The basic glass pipe – only use glass – is the next economical tier. These range in complexity and cost, but all have the same basic features. The reason to choose only glass is because it is the sole substance that will not ruin the taste of your smoke after repeated use. Everything – repeat: EVERYTHING – else gets a disgusting flavor after a few smoke sessions. Glass is non-porous and can be cleaned completely for a completely clean smoke, forever and ever amen.

Your type of pipe depends on how much you want to spend. But, if you’ve never owned a pipe before, expect to break it. So, get something cheap, and get a few of them. A passable glass piece is about $10-$15. If you can find real glass cheaper, snag a couple. Once you’re comfortable with the cheap items – and haven’t gotten any shards in your foot – you can upgrade to more costly equipment.

Going the Pipe route means a few additional accessories.


How to Smoke Marijuana

There’s a lot of debate on this topic, but none of it means a damn thing. Start with a set of scissors and chop the amount you want to smoke off of one of the little nugs. This will give you a more coarse chop with larger smokable chunks. The grind is uneven when cut with scissors, which makes the bowls unpredictable.

You should have a grinder on hand, if you’re using a pipe. Some prefer it, some do not. Grinders are also good for rolling your own joints, a practice everyone should try a few times. Grinders give you a smoother smoking experience by chopping everything up evenly. We suggest you spend the $10 out of the gate and get a big, decent 2.5″ grinder. The 1.5″ options are cheap, and they work, but when you upgrade to the more serious 2.5″, the difference is worth singing about.

With a basic pipe, lighter, bowl, scissors, and grinder, you’re well equipped to spend years as a pipe smoker. Total investment is about $30-$50. If you’re like most people, you’ll spend another $30-$50 on replacement pipes.

Pipe Screen

The pipe screen is another debatable topic. Those who are wise and have appropriately pleasing genitalia say that pipe screens defeat the point of having a clean glass piece out of which to smoke. Those who are disgusting and foul say they want to use pipe screens and be beastly. Do not fret. They were executed humanely before being allowed to breed.

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