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8 Tactics For Getting Through a Monday

No one faces Monday – whatever that day means for you – with a wink and a grin. The most devoted drone in the hive isn’t happy to be back from whatever hiatus, whatever vacation, whatever haven they left to come down here to wallow in the muck with the likes of us.

We’re right there with you, and philosopher Garfield-san. Here’s how to get through your Monday.

Have a Plan

5-year plans aren’t burdens. They aren’t pressure. They’re the map of the prison tattooed on your back. You should be working toward that escape plan. Chipping away every day at the thing that’s going to one day get you out. Get you up. Get you away.

Don’t Dig

The best progress is sometimes not to regress. Slip down the slope, and you can’t predict the consequences. Sure, you could turn your hose on your neighbor’s new car paint job, let that hard water do its work. Let that Flint Michigan cocktail rot away that glassy shine. But, too often that leads to more damage rained down on you. Better to stay afloat.

Support Others

This is the big one. You’ll get more out of trying to improve someone else’s day than your own. Plus, it’s very easy and pays off in huge dividends. Make a single thoughtful gesture and it will resonate.

Lean On Others

There’s also the gift of receiving. Everyone shares burdens with the people around them. Offload your baggage when and where appropriate so that you get the help you need to survive. We’re only as strong as the people around us.

Celebrate The Victories

Each day has a hundred little defeats, and a hundred little accomplishments. Focus on the things that went right, and that which you did well.

Learn From Defeats

A failure is a lesson you haven’t learned yet. You want to forgive the past, but understand what went wrong. That’s how you improve.


As a human being, you’re never done cooking. You’re always improving and changing. Altering in ways you can’t see, hear, or feel, but that bear deep marks on you that show you for what you are to the right kind of eyes. Allow yourself to get bigger. To try something new. To make a change. See what happens. It might not be what you expect.

Run Out The Clock

All you have to do is get through it the best you can. That’s barely for a lot of people.

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