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Style Guide: 15 Boat Shoes That Are Business Casual

The world of business casual has changed. Where boat shoes were once as gauche as white crew socks with your double-breasted, now they’re quite workable. As the world has come to recognize that the nattiest dressers aren’t always the best business minds, and that sometimes genius comes in a mock turtleneck or even a robe …

Shoes, Style

A Gentleman’s Guide to Choosing Bespoke Footwear

Custom footware, known continentally as “Bespoke footware,” was formerly the norm. Shoes, boots, clogs, sandals, and even slippers for men and women alike was cobbled by hand to fit each person’s snowflake-esque foot. This array of footgear often lasted a person’s entire life and allowed them to keep a predictable style, changing and upgrading soles …