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10 Services That Give You More Free Time

We do too much. Most of us aren’t living life. We’re working for the things we have. We’re our own gardener. Our own chef, nanny, and even our own checkout person. We’ve become slaves to merely getting by, all for the dubious pleasure of those too-few moments of rest we get each night. We need a break. Or, we need these 10 services to free up more of our time and make our lives a little bit easier.

Amazon Prime

Amazon has become the way the world shops. Using the Prime membership – which carries free 2 day shipping – means getting your stuff faster. Waiting 7-10 days in the age of drones is only something a fool does. Being a Prime member also nets you special deals, sales, exclusive or early access to products, and gets you into Amazon’s pocket. From there you can access movies, television, and music from the easily accessed Amazon site. Those who don’t shop often or require all the consumer goods can give this a skip, but for the material girls and boys, it’s manna from heaven.

TaskRabbit/Fancy Hands

Many hands make light works, so the saying goes. But many of us don’t have any real world friends, to say nothing of several to help us move furniture or clean bird nests out of our chimney. What we need, then, are friends we can hire for a few hours. They walk away with a few bucks in their pocket, and you don’t need to pretend to care about Maggie’s idiot baby pictures. These quick helper apps reduce hassle, and make it easier to die alone. Task Rabbit Fancy Hands

Amazon Fresh

Along with the fast shipping that comes with Prime, Amazon’s new Fresh program is trying to change the way people eat. By adding in recipes and ingredients, then creating a grocery list from foods you choose online, you can ensure the right food is always in your pantry. Rather than going to the store, where you’re likely to waste money on processed foods you don’t need, Amazon can drop off natural, fresh foods that are good for you. This not only saves time shopping, but saves time getting open heart surgery from high cholesterol and will give you more years on the planet.

Meal Delivery Services

There’s so many meal delivery services, that it’s impossible to keep them straight. Each one does the same basic thing, which is provide you with the ingredients to make perfectly portioned meals in a snap. You’ll have to look through the options to see what suits your taste buds, and budget, but when you find the right one, you’ll never go back. Being able to throw together gourmet meals on a weeknight, without being burned out, is all we could ask for.

Grocery Apps

Like the meal delivery world, the land of grocery list apps is thick and meaty with goodness. These can work to do a lot more than handle your milk and eggs. You can sync them across devices for a whole family connection, interface your work and home shopping, and construct a scheduling and organizational system that makes you a minor god. Also, you’ll always get the right kind of bread.


Trying to stay current with the insane, 24-hour news cycle is a fantasy. Even CNN can’t keep up, and they started this whole mess. For the sophisticate on the run, who wants news, but doesn’t want to spend all day digging for it, there’s Circa. You can follow stories for updates, keep track of only what interests you, and let it aggregate your information for you. It sure beats that fish wrap your grandad told you about.

Amazon Home Services

If you can’t trust something to your TaskRabbit workers, or want a real pro to do the job, then you might find Amazon’s Home Services to your liking. There’s several different areas to choose from, including services like Professional TV Hanging and Installation or House Cleaning. It’s a To Do List buster if ever there was one.

Being a pet owner is a huge responsibility, and shouldn’t be entered into lightly. Even the most loving pet parent sometimes runs out of time and energy to give their pet the care they need. Which is why sites like Rover exist. Essentially a nanny service for your pooch, Rover will help you find a dog walker, a dog sitter, or a canine companion for your pup. This is perfect for busy people who still want a healthy, happy pet who doesn’t chew on everything or mess the carpet.

Fiverr and The Gig Economy

Though websites like Fiverr are geared to work average people to death for too little money, they’re still awfully convenient for you. Anyone dumb enough to offer their services on the cheap can be exploited horrifically by anyone with the means to do so. If you need a logo, some voice work, editing, web design, or whatever else, it can be easily had on Fiverr. It might not be good, and it might feed into the worst aspects of capitalism, but it sure saves time having a $5 slave!


Shopping apps or food delivery apps turn your grocery shopping experience into the same lazy action as ordering a pizza while drunk. Tell the driver what you want, when you want it, and wait for them to drop it at your feet. Instacart GrubHub

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