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Ripped To Shreds: The 13 Top Testosterone Boosters

There’s two kinds of people in the world. Those who pump, and those who let weakness rule them. For people in the former camp who know the joy of lifting heavy things, diets and supplements are deadly important. You can’t just eat whatever you want, poison your body, and expect to get the cut results – be it pure mass or muscle definition. You must be careful about everything going into your temple, which is why those who are looking to jolt their juice need the 13 best testosterone boosters out there.

Should You Use a Testosterone Booster

Testosterone is the natural sex hormone produced in men, but it does much more than make guys feel their oats. It helps the body regulated muscle gain, fat, and overall internal health. Anyone considering using one should first consult a physician, as going too heavy with testosterone can lead to mood disturbances, rages, and a lot of mental health issues. It also wouldn’t hurt to consult a nutritionist and your trainer, since each of those people have a different outlook.

The basic answer is testosterone boosters can help anyone looking to lose weight, gain muscle, and get more out of their workout. However, these supplements do come with hazardous side-effects, so you should be talking with trained pros before, during, and after your use of supplements. If you notice any ill effects, that booster might not be for you. Anyone can buy and ingest these, but should be safe.

What Makes a Good Booster

The simple answer to what makes a good testosterone booster is whether or not it raises your testosterone levels. Sometimes this is accomplished by adding testosterone to your body, other times it involves removing estrogen in order to alter your internal balance.

Good boosters aim mostly at natural ingredients that can work with your diet and exercise program, without adding a load of synthetic chemicals or adulterants into your system. They limit the side-effects and work to create a harmonious internal state, without anger or unsettling sessions of weeping. Our boosters check the most boxes, help the most people get a more satisfying, more shredded workout, add energy, and help cut fat with proper exercise.

Note: These do not include prescription testosterone alterations that may be available through your physician. These are only commercially available boosters. Enjoy!

Avoid Pre-Mixed Boosters

There’s loads of “Perfect Your Pump” type supplement mixtures on the market with lots of manly names and bright graphics on the bottle, laid over striated muscles. These are to be avoided. The reason being they contain the supplements listed below, but mix those helpful items with a whole galaxy of other toxins that are hard for your system to process.

These pre-mixed boosters also don’t focus on healthy dosages, which can cause difficult withdrawl symptoms. By getting the supplements you need, and not loading yourself up with extra junk, you promote a greater body health, which leads to both increased mass, muscle tone, and longevity without painful side-effects.

You will also pay more for pre-mixed boosters than getting the exact same thing right from the source. Which are the supplements listed below.

D-Aspartic Acid

An extremely common supplement because it actually stimulates testosterone production by bodily hormones, D-Aspartic usually works best in doses of 2-3 grams taken three times a week. Adding more doses shows little sign of adding testosterone to the system. Those deficient in testosterone will get the most benefits, along with men who are suffering from decreased sexual function. Purchase: $12


Boron works in a curious way. It lowers the globulin in the body which allows for more free testosterone to be unbound in your system. This ramps up vitality and energy levels, with some addition to strength and gaining power. It’s more helpful for people who feel sluggish or have trouble finishing off a workout than those who’re looking for big results under the skin. Purchase: $7

Vitamin D3

If you spend a lot of time in the sun, you probably already have plenty of this. But most of us are trapped in offices or jobs all day, then we’re in the gym, then we’re home. Our sun exposure is therefore limited, and it may leave us marginally deficient in D3. Getting more of this nutrient can add energy, vitality, and improve your skin as well as your testosterone levels. Purchase: $9

Tribulus Terrestris

The effects of Tribulus Terrestris aren’t as good in the gym as they are in the bedroom. Tribulus can add a little strength and general mood elevation, but where it shines is in aiding sexual performance and drive. It’s commonly used by older men and some women to help get a little swing back between the sheets, but usually has a minimal effect on your workout. Purchase: $20

Oyster Extract

The myth about oysters is they increase sexual potency. In fact, this old wives tale has some measure of truth mixed in. The oysters are actually jacked up with zinc, omega-3 & 6 fatty acids, amino acids, and energy-boosting taurine. If you have low testosterone levels, taking a bit of this can be a night and day difference in energy, sex drive, and strength. Purchase: $8


Zinc is useful if you already have low testosterone levels. Those who are operating normally will find no added benefits from using Zinc, though it does work closely in conjunction with Vitamin D, so it doesn’t hurt to have even if you’re T-levels are good. Studies have found zinc raises sperm count, mood, and helps maintain a consistent testosterone level, so as to avoid spikes and degradation in testosterone over time. Purchase: $7

Stinging Nettle

If you’re already using boron, stinging nettle might be overkill. If you’ve found boron doesn’t work, you might give this a try. The way nettle operates is by binding to globulin in place of testosterone so there’s more T in the body for you to use. It’s fairly effective in both genders, and can leave people with normal or low testosterone levels feeling bigger, better, and badder. Purchase: $6


At a dosage of about 500 mg per day, Fenugreek becomes a magic elixir for people who have both low and normal testosterone levels. It ramps up libido, increases sexual potency, adds more energy, and helps create a better sense of well-being. Both free and total testosterone levels are affected by Fenugreek. Purchase: $11


By itself this black pepper extract doesn’t do much. Mix it with Fenugreek, Vitamin D3, and Boron, and now you’ve got a cocktail worthy of Mr. Universe. What it does is help the body absorb each of those supplements, putting them to use faster, and giving you more boost to your build. If you use other boosters, put this in your quiver. Purchase: $8


It’s not entirely clear how much effect ginger has on testosterone levels in humans. In rats, ginger has been shown to seriously increase their testosterone, adding in more muscle tone and energy, along with clearer skin, better circulation, and a slew of other positive effects. Even if it doesn’t get you bigger, it might help you feel better, which has never hurt leg day. Purchase: $9

DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)

The fact that DHEA is banned from use by professional athletes should tell you something. In reality, the effects of DHEA are unclear, with studies showing mixed results. It may either have a tremendous effect on you, or none at all. It is one of the largest and most common ingredients in pre-made testosterone supplements, so if you’re buying SUPER MAXX PUMP MUSCLE BUILDER odds are good you’re getting DHEA.

It’s wholly safe, despite the athletic ban, and doesn’t operate like steroids. Just know it’s as likely to do nothing as help you hulk out. Purchase: $8

Withania somnifera / Ashwagandha

An ancient Indian herb that hasn’t had enough clinical trials yet, Ashwagandha shows a lot of promise as both a workout aid and a sexual stimulant. One study showed a rise of 10-22% of testosterone in Ashwagandha users. Another says fat loss was easier and body composition improved in those using the supplement. While more data is needed, it is known that taking Ashwagandha is safe and will at worst do nothing. Purchase: $10+


An herb that is most commonly tied to immunity boosting and mood elevation, Ginseng can also give your T-levels a bump, though don’t expect miracles. It’s more for overall health than testosterone specifically, so isn’t a bad addition to your regimen, even if it doesn’t build your bulk. Purchase: $5

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