Unshaven: The 6 Best Hair Removal Creams

There’s no winning with hair. You either have too much or too little. The placement is forever wrong. Half our grooming regimen is nothing but dealing with our fuzz. We brush, pluck, wax, tweeze, cut, sculpt, clean, moisturize, and fiddle with our follicles. All for no real purpose except aesthetics. Since we aren’t beasts, our furry coats don’t really help us stay warm. Yet we’re forever shaving something while trying to get another part to grow into a manageable mane.

Billions go into hair each year. Scissors, beard trimmers, shaving cream, razors, conditioners, shampoos, to say nothing of the countless gels, pomades, and poultices we’re forever using on our skin and scalp. One of the odder options for hair treatment are hair removal creams. Meant to soften, lessen, or eliminate the growth of our pretty pelts, hair removal creams sometimes work, sometimes leave us with a burning sensation – often around our bikini line – and sometimes fail horrifically. Your mileage may vary, but if you’re hoping to handle your hirsute hedge, here’s our picks for the 6 best hair removal creams.

Notes On Hair Removal Cream Usage

Keep in mind that these depilatory creams are made with caustic chemicals meant to attack and dissolve the protein in hair, causing it to break down. That’s going to be risky to put on sensitive skin, and if you don’t follow the directions properly, you’re likely to end up with bleeding, redness, irritation, itching, and any number of other skin woes. Cosmopolitan has an excellent pro/con breakdown that’s worth reading before you start slathering.

If you try these creams, we suggest starting with your underarms, and the moment you feel a tingle, scrape it off and wash the area thoroughly. We also recommend the Philips Norelco Bodygroom razor to shorten any body hair you might have, as it’s the easiest, safest body razor we’ve found for those delicate landscapes.

You should also get the cream designed for your gender, as men and women have different hair types, with men’s typically being thicker and more coarse. But, if that doesn’t work for you, don’t be afraid to try a cream made for whatever sex you aren’t. Furthermore, consider where you plan to apply the cream, and get the mixture specifically geared for that area. Face creams are different from body creams. If you’re going to be applying this on the body’s personal deep south, you should find those made to be intimately friendly.

Remember: RTFM and be careful!

Veet (Legs & Body recommended)

Suggested For: Women & Men

All Over: Veet is hands-down our favorite brand of depilatory cream. The entire lineup is solid, but the Legs & Body option has the broadest appeal. Though it is suggested for women – and has the effeminate bottle to prove it – it’s capable of handling many a man’s follicles, while being gentle enough for a bikini line workup, if you’re afeared of waxing. If the Legs & Body doesn’t quite suit you, you can upgrade to the “For Men” style (which has the funniest review of all time,) or downgrade to the Botanic Inspiration Sensitive Formula. Being a little more sensitive, if Veet can’t help you, you might need to go for big air and get something really harsh. Purchase: $9

Nair (Shower Power recommended)

Suggested For: Women & Men

Brand Name: Nair is the largest name in hair removal cream, and it does have a set of workable products, though most of them pale when put up against Veet. The major standout is the Shower Power, which is again geared toward women, but has the ability to handle many a man’s tougher body hair. The Shower Power tends to be fairly kind to the sensitive areas surrounding your secret garden, allowing it to work for the bikini region. If Shower Power isn’t enough, you can pop up to the “For Men” formula, but expect that to be a little more than you bargained for. Purchase: $14

Nad’s (For Men recommended)

Suggested For: Men

Go Ahead and Giggle: Nad’s embraces the silliness of its name, but it’s not a novelty in any way. Frankly, if you don’t find either Veet or Nair’s gentler formula to your liking, we suggest you try Nad’s on your body before you use any of the other chemical concoctions made for men. Nad’s is geared for guys, and manages to be fairly safe – for this kind of chemical cream – while also being strong enough to handle your toughest tufts. Be sure you test it out before you try manscaping the flesh purse, but it is often safe in the pubic area. Purchase: $7


Suggested For: Women

Natural Order: Generally, Moom is best for the light hairs that occur on a woman’s face. It isn’t really geared to do much more than that, though some women find it works on their whole body. The light compound with clean washing is the least destructive of all the options on this list, and worth a try if you find everything else causes too much inflammation. Loaded up with natural calming ingredients like chamomile and tea tree oil, it’s USDA certified organic. Purchase: $14

Olay Smooth Finish Facial Hair Removal Duo

Suggested For: Women & Men

Ladies’ Choice: Women who find Moom to be insufficient for managing their facial wisps should step up to Olay’s option. Guys with finer facial hair who are looking to tone down their shaving can also get some razor relief here. It’s generally kind to the lips and mouth, allowing for application without leaving your grin gap burning the way some creams will. Since it’s Olay, there’s hydrating elements to keep skin soft even as it strips away the hair. Purchase: $60+

Magic Razorless Cream Shave

Suggested For: Men

To The Root: Magic Razorless was made specifically with thick thatches in mind, and thus is one of the tougher products we’ve tried. It’s unusual in that it doesn’t bear the typical soothing additives of other choices, yet seems capable of working well and gently on sensitive skin. It can also be sorely irritating to people with average flesh, making it a game of roulette. It might be the magic touch that works for you, or might be a catastrophic failure. If you go this route, we wish you good luck. Purchase: $6

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