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Stock Up On The 16 Best Grocery List Apps

The human mind is one of the best and worst storage devices on the planet. It’s masterfully constructed to hold an estimated 2.5 petabytes worth of information. That’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 2.5 million gigabytes. Were your computer given that much storage, it could record approximately 2,628,000 hours of television. Or, it could keep 2,500,000,000 songs. Yet, ask it to recollect the six items on your grocery list and it will tell you that it’s pretty sure you only need pizza rolls and Snickers-flavored Klondike bars. Which is why you need a grocery list app, to keep your lying mind in check.

List apps are funny things. Usually, it’s more convenient to spend 88 cents on an EDC notebook for basic scrawling. The reason being, pulling out your phone, unlocking it, going to the app, finding the list you need, and moving through the interface to get the boxes checked off can be time-consuming. It’s a clunky way to go. Unless you have smarter apps that streamline the process, giving you a lot of other push notifications and features to make your list shine. That’s what set the 16 best grocery list apps apart from the pack. They do so much more than paper and pencil ever could.

OI Shopping List

Frill Free: OI is about as close as you can get to a pen and paper list sans the pen and paper. It’s made with the minimalist in mind to avoid all the extra hoopla. Lists are easy to save, easy to update, and you won’t have a mountain of choices to go along with every run to the store. While this inhibits its functionality, it does the one thing a good list should: Be a list. Price: Free Download: Android

Shopping List Ease

Dual Purpose: One of our favorite features of grocery list apps is the ability to tell us what we already have, so we don’t end up with four gallons of chicken stock. SLE is a bare bones list, but has a second list for what’s in your house. It’s stripped down otherwise, giving it a clean look and operation. Price: Free Download: Android iOS

Favado Grocery Sales

Comparison Shop: Favado is sexy because it provides you with the ability to scan items into it, or search for them, and then check local stores for sales. It will tell you prices around town, helping you plot your moves to CostCo, and determine what items should be attached to which store. Sadly, this isn’t a bulletproof system, yet. But being able to shop around from the app itself does save legwork and money. Price: Free Download: Android iOS

Grocery IQ

Simply Smart: Like OI, IQ aims at being basic. It does a little more than that, providing the ability to scan items in, sort lists across devices, and provides you with coupons you can “clip” in app for savings. The interface is a bit dated, but the overall experience is very similar to an upgraded store run with a newspaper flyer. Price: Free Download: Android iOS


Too Many Chef’s: Bring! is a unique beast that you’ll either love or hate. The display doesn’t focus on your list, like other apps. Instead, it shows you categories of food, helping stimulate your mind into thinking of everything you need. This can be better than staring at a blank page, or more frustrating. Being able to sync like crazy with other users and split up who buys what is nice for large groups. Price: Free Download: Android iOS


Family Sized: Complicated grocery lists with a lot of variables is what OurGroceries seeks to streamline. Every item you enter is saved for easy access later. Lists can be jumped to and from with ease so you’re always sure of what belongs where. Scanning and some voice work is included, for snappier addition and subtraction. Though it works for both Android and Apple, iPhone users get a more limited experience and would better with something else. Price: Freemium Download: Android iOS


Mix & Match: To start with, there’s 350,000 recipes included in the app, which tells you it’s a lot more than a grocery getter. It saves additional recipes, manages your meals, and can update your list with ingredients in a snap. Here you’re getting a whole menu and meal planning array, which might be a lot to bite off if you were hoping for a few fast notes. Price: Freemium Download: Android iOS


Life Coach: Organizing your diet, and all your shopping needs associated with it is rarely executed so artfully. Quick syncing from device to device comes standard. You can make a database of ingredients to draw from, using only a tap or two. You can quickly search for recipes online, throw those into the app, and have the items to buy pulled out and jotted down. Price: Freemium Download: iOS

Out of Milk – Grocery Shopping List

Home & Away: The nicest part about Out of Milk is the addition of the Pantry list. You can not only keep what you need ready at a swipe and a tap, but also know what you already have. Barcode scanning is included, and any item the scanner doesn’t recognize can be manually added for future reference. It also has a To Do list for long errand days. Price: Free Download: Android iOS

Food Planner

It’s In The Name: If you’re gluten free, a paleo adherent, or on a restrictive weight-loss diet, Food Planner is likely the app for you. It holds your meal plan, recipes, ingredient lists, and home stock on hand so you’re never at a loss for what you have and what you need. Dieting is hard enough. This makes it easier. Price: Free Download: Android iOS


Snip & Save: Perhaps not the best grocery app, iBotta is without a doubt the best coupon app out there. Select your stores, find items with rebates, add them to your shopping list, get them, and you’ll be refunded. Put in your loyalty card and you’ll save even more. It’s the way to pinch digital pennies like a pro. Price: Free Download: Android iOS

Buy Me a Pie!

Split Up: We’ve all gotten to the bottom of our list and realized we need to go all the way back to the other end of the store for something. Buy Me a Pie! fixes that issue by letting you split your items into categories. Be as broad or as specific as you like, or fit it to the aisles in your favorite store. There’s no more backtracking or guesswork. Price: Freemium Download: Android iOS


All Knowing: It’s a little too cute for our taste, but that doesn’t reduce the worthiness of Avocadolist. With quaint animations, and a calorie counter to help you keep track of your food intake, it’s fun and helpful. Automated organization sorts your lists for quick reference, and the whole thing does add efficiency. Price: Freemium Download: Android iOS

Cozi Family Organizer

The More The Merrier: Consider this a “maximalist” solution for the big, busy family. It has a calendar, organizer, task assignment, and, oh yeah, a grocery list too. It syncs across a host of devices, getting everyone on the same page. Shopping is a small fraction of what this can do, so if you need to also remember to pick up the kids from soccer, track your spouse’s day, and monitor the shuttle launch, Cozi has you covered. Price: Freemium Download: Android iOS


Super Scanner: IntelliList lives up to its name. It start out with a massive database of products, with others easily added for simpler shopping. Photos of items can be put with scanned codes so that you never accidentally get Nacho Cheese Doritos when your son clearly wants eXtreme Cheddar Cheese With Avocado and Whale Blubber. It’s thick and meaty with features, that you might love, or loathe. Price: Freemium Download: iOS

Mighty Grocery Shopping Lite

Talk It Out: A few grocery list apps offer up voice interface, with a lot of failure. Among the apps you can talk to, none performed as well at understanding what was needed than Mighty Grocery. You can throw in weight, size, number you want to buy, and other saucy additions completely hands-free. Price: Free Download: Android

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