Mothers and Fathers Rejoice At The 16 Best Diaper Bags

New parents underestimate the importance of the diaper bag. When you’re out in the world with your baby, that’s your survival kit. Diapers, distractions, toys, cleaning wipes, food, formula, blankets, clothes, and the ten million other things you need to care for an infant all have to go into that bag. Make a single mistake, and you’ll be faced with a screaming child for the rest of the day. There’s less margin for error than defusing a bomb. So you need to be properly prepped, or suffer a squall from a forgotten pacifier.

We’ve found everything from standard totes to intricate backpack bags, all with keen organization and a sense of style. These are meant to be tough as hell, capable of of carrying the kitchen sink and more, yet comfortable to lug around. We looked for smart bags that allowed us to carry our stuff along with our baby’s, so that we could reach our phone or keys without going rummaging through the mess that diaper bags often offer. Each of our 16 best diaper bag choices are constructed to make a parent’s life – and their child’s – easier every single day.

Use Your Own

BYOB: The simplest solution for most people is often to use a bag they already have lying around. Or, ask parents whose kids have aged out of the diaper bag age for their hand-me-downs. Most bags will outlast the final kid while still going strong, and there’s absolutely no shame in using a secondhand bag. That’s smart parenting and budgeting, which is the right way to adult. Those who do decide to opt for their own bag should add in one additional item, for convenience:

  • Skip Hop Baby Pronto Portable Changing Station

    The portable changing station is a flat surface with a few precisely placed pockets to stash everything you need for swapping off dirty diapers. Stain and wetness resistant, and slim enough to go into most any diaper bag, having this on hand makes you a whiz at waste disposal without a lot of costly accessories. Purchase: $25

Graco Gotham Smart Organizer System Back Pack

Action Sack: You don’t need to dig deep into the Gotham to see how well designed it is. A specialized diaper wipe dispenser sits on the side, with insulated pockets on the interior made for holding bottles. Everything you could need is given a precise location that can be laid out on a grid, so even the sloppiest person can find everything they need in a hurry. Purchase: $26

Diaper Dude Messenger

Swing & Sling: A sling bag worthy of the tactical pack world, yet made for moms and dads, this isn’t the best option for carrying everything you need. Instead, this is your go-to mobile pack for taking only what you must carry away from the car or stroller. Made to be whipped off at a moment’s notice, it’s also outfitted with handy accessory spots for keys, your cell, and other adult accessories as much as pockets for all of your child’s stuff. Purchase: $33+

SoHo Collection Grand Central Station

All Aboard: The outside looks like any other diaper delivery system, but it isn’t. Instead, this is a 7-piece luggage array with disparate pouches to put your stuff, baby’s stuff, your spouse’s stuff, spare electronics, and clips for keys or multi-tools should you need them. As good on a stroller as without, it can flex to fit families of most sizes, and lets you choose how much or little organization you want. Purchase: $35

Hip Cub Diaper Bag

Slim & Stylish: As chic as it gets in the diaper bag world. Hip Cub strove to cut down on size while keeping all the same attributes of larger luggage. Concealed pockets lurk in every corner for separating out the wet from the dry, while letting you choose where everything rides without the addition of pods or packets that are too easily lost. Purchase: $45

JJ Cole Satchel

Inside Out: The exterior has a whopping 7 pockets around it, with an additional 4 tucked away inside, ensuring a place for everything and everything in its place. If that weren’t enough, JJ Cole and Stone Arbor have more than a few matching accessories that can be put in à la carte should you want a pacifier caddy or additional changing pad that matches up with your big, beautiful bag. Purchase: $48

Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack with Stroller Straps

Budget Backup: This is arguably the most versatile, inexpensive diaper bag you’re going to find. Done up in basic black for a unisex appeal, with all the zippered storage you could need in a pack for work, or going around town, the lifetime warranty guarantees that you’ll keep using this long after the kids are out of diapers and into college. Purchase: $60

Skip Hop FORMA

Plenty of Padding: Though the woven look of the Forma isn’t to everyone’s liking, it does insulate the interior of the bag. This allows you to keep snacks from melting or freezing, and ensures bottles can hold a desirable temperature for longer. Equipped with pockets and specialized interior bags – with space for more – there’s even a padded sleeve for your laptop or tablet. Purchase: $70

Skip Hop Duo Double Signature Carry All

Top Pick: There’s no nice way to say it: Skip Hop does diaper bags better than anyone else. The Duo Double is the reliable, all-in-one bag of choice, but if you opt for something else in the Skip Hop line, you’ll be just as happy. Made of polyester, it won’t rip or tear, fights off the many stains that come with children, and doesn’t cost an ungodly amount. A messenger, tote, and able to strap to a stroller, it’s big, bad, and ready for everything. Purchase: $85

DadGear Backpack

Dude Approved: DadGear is focused on making stuff for fathers who want to be there for their kids, but don’t want to carry around something too cutesy for their protein and crossfit way of life. Minimalistic and understated, but secretly as good as any of the purse-style bags made with mom in mind, this made in the USA item has a lifetime warranty to accent its fully functional feel. Purchase: $90

Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Collection Be Prepared Diaper Bag

Space Age: Preparation is half the battle when it comes to parenthood, and this minimalist tote is ready for anything. Masculine enough that dad can hold it without questioning his machismo, but not so manly that it ruins mom’s little black dress, this is more than a pretty face. Wholly made of polyester that has been Teflon coated to slide stains off, it also has smart pockets galore for all the gear parent and papoose could want. Purchase: $139

Storksak Shoulder Changing Bag

Fashionista: Storksak makes some quality goods, but the prices can be a little eye-watering for most. If looking good is part of what you want in a changing bag, there’s little out there with the same elite, imperious style. Done up in natty grays, blacks, and browns, these bags have real leather trim to go with the quick wipe stain-resistant construction. Purchase: ~$155

PacaPod Picos Pack

On The Move: An award-winning pack build with fathers in mind, if not for the baby bottles or sippy cups holstered on either side, it would be easy to mistake this for a standard EDC pack. Among the most comfortable of the backpack style diaper bags, the Picos has a chest strap to help distribute weight more evenly for long days loading it around. A smart packing pod system helps keep everything uniquely organized so there’s less guesswork when it comes time to feed or change. Purchase: $170

Marc Jacobs Biker Nylon Baby Bag

Deep Pockets: The Biker bag doesn’t opt for as much organization as most diaper bags. Rather, it provides you with a huge single center pocket where you can toss everything. Made of nylon on the outside for quality weather resistance, think of this more as the protective shell you put around your wallet, purse, and other items. Or use it as your “toss everything in, let God sort it out” fast pack. Purchase: $177

The Julien Canvas Set

Uncomplicated: Demure as a debutante, yet fully runway ready, it’s hard to even believe that this set is made for anything other than strutting your stuff on the way to a business lunch. Special clutches and compartments cover everything from your dirty nappies to your laptop without showing the strain. Leather details with shiny accents and a range of colorful choices let you suit this workhorse to your sense of style. Purchase: $195

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