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Prepare to Win: 13 Things To Do For a Good First Date

Dating, job interviews, public speaking, and death all rank very highly in the human fear factor, and that means each one can weigh us down with an excess of stress. Luckily, there’s things we can do before each one to prepare ourselves mentally and physically so that when the time comes, we’re as ready as …

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11 Free Summer Activities To Keep Your Kids Occupied

Kids are exhausting little bundles of energy and want that never seem to run out of steam. Usually they’re someone else’s problem for much of the day as we ship them off to be taught the three R’s by the underpaid, underappreciated teachers who make our lives bearable. During the summer this isn’t the case, …

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Analog Tech Guide: How (and Why) To Use a Chronograph

Watches that bear a chronograph on their face are highly sought after, but often not for functional purposes. Straw polls suggest that many people, particularly young men, will buy a watch with a chrono because they find the aesthetic appealing. They enjoy the more professional and highly functional appearance, but as with many types of …